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All teachers and staff working in the school environment require ongoing training to enable them to continuously improve. They need to access the most up to date research and knowledge regarding children and young people’s cognitive development, emotional development, education and learning.
Lorraine provided training at our school with a focus on helping children to manage their emotions to reach their potential. We all found this training extremely informative and Lorraine's presentation was clear and engaging. Alongside some theory, there was lots of opportunity to reflect on our own practise and consider approaches that support children with their emotions and behaviour in the classroom.
Deputy Headteacher - primary school, Hampshire
I work in a large secondary school in Hampshire where, over the last year, we have seen an increasing number of mental health issues arising, particularly amongst girls. These manifest themselves mostly with panic attacks and fainting in class. Lorraine Lee gave a talk to our staff about panic attacks, what they are, and how to deal with them. Lorraine is a really good engaging speaker, and gives really practical advice. Within 2 weeks of hearing this talk, I had to deal with panic attacks on 2 separate occasions, and using Lorraine’s techniques I felt I dealt with them in a much more effective, knowledgeable and positive way than previously. Lorraine is about to give a series of parenting workshops at my son’s school and I will be attending them all as I know that I will get good practical advice that I can use both as a parent and in the classroom.
Classroom teacher - secondary school, Winchester